Saturday, July 25, 2015

Malteser felicitated KU volunteers

July 25
Malteser International organized a program today to felicitate Kathmandu University volunteers for their support to Emergency Response Nepal Project, 2015.
Prof. Jha, Dr. Poudel, Prof. Thapa and Mr. Pradhan (from left to right)   Photo: Khagen
Prof. Bhola Thapa, Registrar of KU, expressed happiness for the students' contribution and thanked them for their engrossment in helping the needy people in the post-earthquake situation. "Our students' have shown," he said, "how the energy of young students, which has sometime been used to political sloganeering and shutdown, can be used to contribute to our society". He added, "Our University decided to immerse in the relief work immediately after the quake: KU family was involved in many ways. We decided to send our students to quake affected places by adopting the philosophy of 'teaching outside the class'. And, we will continue working in this model". Prof. Thapa also extended thanks to Malteser International. "This collaborative work has been one of the most successful projects in the University, and this has encouraged us to continue working with Malteser in the second phase also," he stated. 
Prof. Thapa addressing the program    Photo: Khagen
Mr. Bijay Shrestha, Program Coordinator at Malteser International, extended thanks to KU and the students. Stating briefly about the history of Malteser's help to Nepal, he said, "we started our work with cross-border help to the flood victims of Koshi dam break". Expressing delight for collaborative work with Kathmandu University after the quake, he said, "The first phase of work was a great experience". He appreciated KU students for their dedication, patience, and ever readiness during their volunteering.
Mr. Shrestha felicitating KU volunteers    Photo: Khagen
Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the Director of SWD, expressed gratitude to KU students, Malteser International, and Kathmandu University for the successful completion of the first phase of the project. "Our students' performance," he added, "has made us proud." He added, "the success has paved way for the second phase of collaborative work with Malteser." Acknowledging encouraging and positive response from KU authority, Prof. Jha said, "Our Registrar sir always signaled us to go ahead, which added avidness to our determination."   
Prof. Jha expressing delight    Photo: Khagen
Dr. Durga Prasad Paudyal, Chairman of Rural Self-reliance Development Centre expressed his appreciation for the contribution of KU students. "You have changed my perspective about KU students," he said and added, "I had thought that you all are pampered and thus incapable of doing hard and physical work." He admired their dedication, readiness, and execution of works. "KU deserves thanks for fostering such youth; I am sure these future leaders can change our country." Meantime, he advised the students to make up their mind to stay in the country instead of aspiring for life abroad. 
Dr. Poudel appreciating students' work       Photo: Khagen
Speaking on behalf of the student, Mr. Saroj Neupane shared volunteers' experience. He said that working with Malteser provided them chance to understand what it means to work for the needy people.
During the program                 Photo: Khagen

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Follow-up Meeting Held in Central Campus

July 16
A follow-up meeting of functional team formed on 29 April is held today in the Central Campus.The meeting led by Prof. Bhola Thapa, Registrar of the University, reviewed the functioning of the teams and decided to formulate working strategy for the coming days.

Prof. Thapa chairing the meeting               Photo: Khagen
Addressing the meeting, Prof. Thapa thanked the members of the functional teams for their work and emphasized on the need for documentation. "We need to have exhaustive document pertaining to the affect of the earthquake and our activities thereafter," he emphasized.  
Members of the team       Photo: Khagen
Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, Director of SWD, briefed about the activities of volunteers from different schools. The volunteers served eight units: 75 volunteers in Dhulikhel Hospital; 25 in TTC, CEP and Wash Project; 15 in the Department of Civil and Geomatic Engineering; 15 in Dhulikhel, Tundikhel; 20 in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering; 60 for Malteser International; 5 for communication; and 10 as mobile volunteers.  "This is as per the information provided to SWD," he said and added that information from all the schools and students will be updated.

Dr. Prachand Man Pradhan, Acting Head of Department of Civil and Geomatic Engineering (DCGE), informed about the work of DCGE. "Our Department assessed the damages of KU buildings in the Central Campus, Hattiban, Balkumari, and Dhulikhel," he said and added, "we carried out Rapid Visual Assessment of public's buildings in Banepa, Panauti and Panchkhal.  

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Malteser International to Help in the Second Phase: Students Expressed Delight for the First Phase Volunteering

July 10
Malteser International announced second phase of help for the earthquake affected people during a review meeting held in KU today.
Delegates and volunteers during the meeting       Photo: Khagen  
In the meeting attended by SWD Director and Associate Directors, the delegates from German Embassy in Kathmandu, and representatives from Malteser International, student volunteers expressed happiness for successful completion of the first phase of work. The students said, "it is a matter of pride to be a part of a project which provided relief materials to 10,600 families.
Prof. Jha speaking in the meeting   Photo: Khagen
Mr. Wolfgang Hruschka addressing the meeting  Photo: Khagen

Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the Director of SWD, welcomed delegates and volunteers in the program. Inaugurating the meeting, Prof. Jha briefed about the first phase of the work.

Mr. Wolfgang Hruschka from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development expressed happiness for the successful implementation of the first phase of work. He emphasized on the need to work further to help earthquake affected people. Other delegates from German Embassy in Kathmandu consisted of Ms. Jacqueline Groth, Deputy Chief of Mission/ Head of Development Cooperation, Mr. Dirk Steffes-enn, First Secretary/ Deputy Head of Development Cooperation.

On behalf of Malteser International, the meeting was attended by Arno Coerver, Team Leader Emergency Response Nepal, Mr. Bijay Shrestha, Project Coordinator, and Mr. Juergen Focke.

A three member team from KU comprising Dr. Dhurva Gauchan and Er. Diwakar Bista, Associate Directors of SWD was led by Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the Director of SWD .
We are ready for the second phase work    Photo:Khagen

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Friday, June 5, 2015

MSF helicoptor operating from KU ground

June 5: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been operating helicopter from Kathmandu University (KU) football ground to provide relief supplies to mountain villages in Sindhupalchok district.
MSF helicopter about to land             Photo: Khagen
As per the request from Peter Heikamp, Logistic Coordinator of MSF, the University is providing access to football ground, said Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the Director of SWD. KU security force is also coordinating with ground team of MSF to provide required safety condition for the operation.
MSF ground team loading relief materials   Photo: Khagen

MSF will operate helicopters with shelter/hygiene kits to villages in Sindhupalchowk on 6 June as well. Previously, MSF had operated helicopter from KU on 18, 19 & 26 May.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

KU distributed relief materials

Kathmandu University (KU) distributed relief materials to 25 staffs of attendant level on 3 June in the Central Campus.
  Mr. Upadhaya distributing relief materials  Photo: Khagen
Mr. Sunwar distributing relief materials     Photo: Khagen
Speaking in the program, Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the Director of SWD, informed how the University has been working to serve earthquake affected people in adjacent districts. "This does not mean," he emphasized, "we are not concerned about KU family." The University has formed Relief Material Distribution Committee comprising Dr. Dhurva Gauchan, associate director of SWD, Ms. Jyoti Pradhan, manager human resources, and Mr. Mahendra Niraula, officer, physical facilities. And, as per our plan, we are giving out relief materials to 121 staffs of attended level, he added. He acknowledged Malteser International for providing 100 tents, 50 food baskets, and 50 hygiene kits; Shree Ram Krishna Mission, India for supplying 26 tents, 49 cotton sarees, 25 kitchen utensil sets, and some blankets. He also thanked USAN for their support.
Prof. Jha speaking during the program    Photo: Khagen
Mr. Mukunda Prasad Upadhaya,Chief of Management Service Division, expressed happiness for the fact that there is no human casualty to KU family. "We are lucky in this sense," he said and added, "Our responsibility is to work for the affected Nepali brethren. It would not be ethical to expect for relief materials if we really do not need." He also expressed hope that KU would restore to normal schedule soon. 
Mr. Upadhaya addressing the program   Photo: Khagen
Mr. Harka Sunwar, Officer Malteser International thanked the University for accepting their proposal for collaborative work. He said, "Our service to the affected people has been easier due to this collaboration." He stated that Malteser would continue working for the affected people. "There is a need to accelerate work as the monsoon is starting soon," he said.

Mr. Sunwar during the program      Photo: Khagen
Dr. Dhurva Gauchan, and Er. Diwakar Bista, associate directors of SWD; Mr. Lijesh Regmi, volunteer coordinator, Malteser International were also present during the program.
After relief material distribution    Photo: Khagen

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CEP commenced construction of classrooms

Community Education Project (CEP) initiated construction process of classrooms in Methinkot VDC, Dapcha. CEP shall construct two classrooms having capacity of 50 students in each room.

A team from KU visited the construction site on 28 May to start the work.
Photo: Bishal Acharya
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Monday, June 1, 2015

USAN handed over tents

University Sports Association Nepal (USAN) confided 27 tents to Student Welfare Directorate (SWD) in support of the University's service to the quake victims. Mr. Purna Singh Bohara, general secretary of USAN handed over the tents to Dr. Dhurva Gauchan, associate director of SWD and executive member of USAN. Prof. Kanhaiya Jha, the director of SWD & vice-president of USAN, and Er. Diwakar Bista, associate director of SWD were present during the hand over. USAN team met Prof. Bhola Thapa, Registrar of KU after the program.
Photo: Dr. Dhurva Gauchan
Photo: Dr. Dhurva Gauchan
USAN, which was established in 2007, has been working to provide national and international platform for its student members.